About us

NTeli is the revenue optimization partner for companies in any stage of evaluation or implementation of Revenue Cloud. We will be an extension of your team to close operational gaps, improve the user journey, and identify new revenue streams.

We will analyze your data and employ models and NTeli prebuilt accelerators to identify and prioritize the highest-impact revenue segments in your business. We will then define discrete, executable phases based on the potential to capture value - and foster adoption.

Nteli Leadership has cultivated a well-defined and proven methodology to transform theoretical returns into tangible and measurable ROI. We will support your Sales, Billing, and Finance teams in fully exploiting the benefits of Revenue Cloud.

We work with various cloud platforms like Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Mulesoft, Snowflake, AWS, Zuora, Conga, and various other applications in the Subscription economy.

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