Revenue Cloud ToolKits

Manage your rental business using our Rental ToolKit
Rent the right equipment at the right time for your customers with prebuilt application framework to manage rental pricing, Create rental orders, return orders and contracts.
Revenue Cloud Governance
Revenue Cloud Analytics
A single source of truth for all SAAS analytics. Learn why customers buy, terminate and renew subscriptions using our analytics dashboard.

Renewal Adapter
Create Renewal Opportunities based on business criteria split opportunities for autorenewals and low touch
Deep Clone
Copy values from one Salesforce object to another. Our plugin will copy the values as long as the API names are same
Large Quote Experience
Too Many Quote lines? Too many SKU in a single Quote?

Integrate with Netsuite, Zuora subscriptions connector to Salesforce subscriptions and automatically created renewal opportunities with the click of a button
Upsell Tiered Pricing
Automatically price your upsell Quotes based on previously sold Quote tiered pricing
Bundle Aggregator
Automatically aggregate line item values to bundle header using QCP

PIM for Salesforce CPQ
Manage your products and bundles without the need to understand the inner workings for Salesforce CPQ and collect feedback from product management and pricing managers
Enhanced Quote validation
Validate master quotes at the time of development and catch deployment failures at the time of development
Advanced Product Search
Are you looking to enhance the product catalog search screen in Salesforce CPQ? Review our product search plugin recipes

Advanced Dynamic Price water fall
Does CPQ waterfall doesn't meet all your needs? Buy our advanced price waterfall and enable context-specific pricing waterfalls